Leadership is action not position

To solve the complex challenges of our times, a new kind of leadership is required. Collective Leadership provides pragmatic ways of sharing responsibility in an effective and people-oriented manner. This integral leadership approach targets people who bear responsibility in their professional or private lives, people in leadership roles of organizations and people who are taking important decisions in a context of new work cultures and structures.

What is Collective Leadership?

Collective Leadership describes a culture of collaboration, where preferably everyone takes over leadership initiatives or tasks, in a dynamic, decentralized and temporally adaptive manner, and according to their individual competence level.

As a New Work approach, Collective Leadership combines a profound sense of togetherness, the development of our inner potential and team effectiveness in order to confront the increasing complexity of our everyday (work) lives.

Self-organization for agile teams

We’re more impactful when we act together. We cherish our freedoms within the frame of personal responsibility. That’s why we support self-managed teams and evolutionary organizations who are driven by their purpose. We want to be both holistically present as human beings and collaborate effectively. We therefore experiment with different participatory meeting and organizational designs to lead projects and organizations more intelligently.

By this, we are able to …

  • … strengthen personal responsibility of employees,
  • … hold meetings that are effective and holistic,
  • … increase the team’s collective intelligence,
  • … enhance speed and productivity,
  • … increase satisfaction through meaningful encounters,
  • … increase transparency and role clarity,
  • … reinforce the intelligent and conscious shaping of ambivalent situations,
  • … imove towards a more considerate and sustainable use of resources
  • … and facilitate the development of innovative ideas.

Competencies and culture for a new kind of leadership

In order to unlock the full potential of any person, organization or society, we need a conducive culture. Furthermore, new competencies are necessary to achieve innovative solutions and sustainable impact. For example: To facilitate and lead transformative processes, we require the ability to allow a higher collective intelligence to emerge as well as the openness for a deeper manifestation of humanity and togetherness to form.
As Leadership3, we provide an open learning environment and culture to develop those competencies.

Leadership³ – Three perspectives for leadership of the future

There are three levels of leadership that we integrate into our work: “I”, “You” and “Us”. By this we mean leading oneself (I) leading as a team (You) and taking responsibility for our global entirety (Us). I can only lead others once I succeed in leading myself, and only then we are able to also face global challenges. Only when I can lead myself, can I lead others; And only as a whole can we confront global challenges together.

Our Approach

From our collaboration over the past years, we have derived a set of working principles that make our teamwork smoother and more successful. Those principles can change over time and be adjusted.


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