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Our key competence lies in integral transformational and organizational development processes. We always aim to increase a team’s power of innovative power and effectiveness, and thereby its members’ motivation and satisfaction. We work goal-oriented, but unbiased towards the potential results. Our culture is one of trust and continuous learning, rooted in the desire to walk new ways in leadership and organizational culture.

A business can be a prototype for the world you want to live in.Jennifer Armbrust

Agile Leadership & Self-Organization

If people get on your bus because of where they think it’s going, you’ll be in trouble when you get 10 miles down the road and discover that you need to change direction because the world has changed. But if people board the bus principally because of all the other great people on the bus, you’ll be much faster and smarter in responding to changing conditions. Jim Collins

Agile – the new buzzword.
What does it mean for an organization to “be agile”?
How will leadership and each single leader have to adapt and change?

The Leadership³ team knows the agile world in software development as well as outside of it. Our experience stretches from small start-ups, medium-sized manufacturing businesses to large European tech pioneers. We take to agile environments like a duck to water.

We support individuals and teams to fully master the topic and to integrate and implement its underlying principles into daily life.

We support organizations to anchor agility in their culture, their structure, their processes and to turn it into an established practice.

Variety of Methods for the Development of Collective Potential

We build an experience-based learning environment in which people can develop and even outgrow themselves. Our methods are always aligned with the specific context. The solutions we develop are custom-made to your very specific challenges.

Our methods are as diverse and flexible as we are as a team and the customers we work with. Our offers includes among other things:

  • Integral facilitation of organizational and transformational processes
  • Individual in-house programs for leaders and team, such as the Leadership³ Academy
  • Inhouse Leadership³-Academy und individuelle Führungskräfteentwicklungsprogramme
  • Agile strategy development
  • Keynotes, workshops, conference design
  • Team building
  • Individual leadershiop coaching
  • … and much more.

Individual Leadership Coaching

In order to keep up with the world of 2050, you will need not merely to invent new ideas and products – you will above all need to reinvent yourself again and again. Yuval Noah Harari
More and more people realize, that the change in our organizations requires an entirely new perspective on the world (mindset). To lead teams effectively we need to embody this change ourselves.

We support you on the path to explore your inner territory. The more you are willing to take responsibility for your (inner) life, the more you’ll be able to live your leadership power and efficacy for the creation of the right frameworks that enable your organizations’ success.

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